Sunday, April 19, 2015

11:00 a.m.; Call-backs 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Florissant Civic Center Theatre

1 James J. Eagan Drive  63033

Auditions will consist of 16-32 bars sung in a classical style (bring music in the key you plan to sign) and cold readings from the script. There will be a short dance audition.  No appointments are necessary. All performers should arrive for the audition before 11:00 a.m. to turn in/complete  Audition Form_Carousel_2015.pdf.

Rehearsals will be at the North Hills United Methodist Church.

Rehearsals will be Sundays (1-5 & 6-9 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays (7 - 10 pm).

Adam Grun, Director

Musical Direction by Michael Blackwood

Character List

There are 5 male and 4 female characters, with an ensemble of 14-16

CARRIE PIPPERIDGE – ALTO – (25 -30) - She is Julie’s best friend and a more conventional young woman for her time.

JULIE JORDAN – SOPRANO – (25-30) -  A shy but head strong young woman who falls for Billy, which ushers in a tumultuous relationship.

MRS. MULLIN – SPOKEN – (35-65) - Owner of the Carousel in the local amusement park.  She tries to keep a tight rein on Billy and disapproves of his relationship with Julie.  She fires Billy when he marries Julie.  She’s a middle aged widow. 

BILLY BIGELOW – BARITONE – (25-35) -A successful barker for the Mullin Carousel.  Attractive to the young women, he is a rogue and ladies’ man.  He’s never learned to deal with anyone, especially those he loves, with anything other than violence.

DAVID BASCOMBE – SPOKEN – (45-60) - Very strict owner of the local mill where Julie and Carrie live and work.

NETTIE FOWLER – MEZZO – (40-60) - Julie’s somewhat older and wiser cousin.  She runs the local spa, a kind of eating establishment.  She takes in Julie and the unemployed Billy after their wedding.  Nettie is the lead singer in “June is Busting out all Over” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

ENOCH SNOW – TENOR –  (25-35) - Fisherman and future tycoon.  He marries Carrie and together they have many children.

JIGGER CRAIGIN – BARITONE – (25-35) - Sailor off of a whaling ship who gets Billy involved in crime

STARKEEPER – SPOKEN –  (40 - ?) A heavenly figure who also plays Dr. Sheldon later in the show. 

ENSEMBLE CHARACTERS: Juggler, Policeman, Arminy, Captain, Heavenly Friend, Principal, Townspeople, Amusement Park Carnies, Seafaring Men.

The role of Louise has been precast.

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel tells the story of a swaggering, carefree carnival barker, Billy Bigelow, who falls in love with a mill worker, Julie Jordan.  Years after he dies tragically, Billy is given a chance to return for a day to try to brighten the life of his unhappy 15-year-old daughter Louise. He watches as the school principal inspires Louise by assuring her that so long as she has hope in her heart, she'll never walk alone.